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Corey Haim's Light Still Shines As Fans Petition For A Star On Hollywood's Walk Of Fame -


Corey Haim was one of Hollywood’s most beloved teen stars and his light still shines brightly today. Known for films such as The Lost Boys, Lucas, License to Drive, and Firstborn, the world deeply grieved when Corey passed away from pneumonia at the age of 38-years-old. Now fans, are signing a petition hoping the 80’s icon will be given a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.

Born in Ontario, Canada, fans want to see Corey Haim with two stars: One on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame as well as the Canadian Walk of Fame. Many fans have taken notice that upon the teen idol’s passing, he was one of the stars who wasn’t mentioned in the Academy-Awards in-memoriam.

No reason was ever given for the omission and the slight is a permanent stain on Haim’s legacy. Fans agree that one way to make up for the dismissal and show the star the honor he is due is to give him his own star on Hollywood’s walk of fame.

You may see the petition in the link below.

Those who have signed the petition left various reasons why they believe Corey Haim deserves a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.

Though a Canadian actor, Corey Haim is equally beloved and missed in both Canada and America. His good looks and charm come across on the silver screen and he has a strong following of young, teenage fans who hold the actor in as high regard today as screaming fans did in the eighties.

Haim was not only a charismatic, handsome actor, but he drew critical acclaim and praise for his work, even at a young age.

In 1986, 1987, 1988, and 1989, Corey Haim was nominated for the Young Artist’s Award for his work in the movies Firstborn, A Time to Live, Lucas, The Lost Boys, and License to Drive.

Corey Haim won the award twice. The first win was in 1987 for A Time to Live and second win was in 1989 for License to Drive.

What do you think about Corey Haim being honored with a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame? Do you think he should have one in both America and Canada?

Are you going to sign the petition?

Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie 'Relieved' To End Legal Battle - They Finally Signed Custody Agreement! -


According to some brand new reports, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have finally signed an agreement as far as their custody battle is concerned, which means that there isn’t going to be a trial after all! Apparently, the actors’ outside of court agreement was reached weeks ago!

Jolie’s legal team has confirmed the initial Entertainment Tonight report to HollywoodLife, stating that Jolie and Pitt have indeed put an end to their longtime custody war.

Samantha Bley DeJean shared with ET previously that ‘A custody arrangement was agreed two weeks ago, and it has been signed by both parties as well as the judge. The agreement, based on all the recommendations of the child custody evaluator, eliminates any need for a trial. The filing and the details of the agreement are confidential in order to protect the best interests of the children.’

Allegedly, Angelina is super happy that the custody battle has finally ended and now, she and Brad can just focus on being great co-parents to their six children.

One source shared with the outlet that Jolie is now ‘pleased to be entering a new next stage and is relieved at the progress for the health of their family.’

As for the details of their agreement, at this time, it’s unclear if they will be made public or not.

But either way, things are taking a turn for the better for the Hollywood family.

Reportedly, Brad has some big plans for Christmas with his and Angelina’s young ones.

An insider for HollywoodLife told the outlet that the star wants to make the holidays ‘drama free’ and just ‘really fun.’

It doesn’t even have to be a trip or anything fancy – Brad just wants to spend time with the children who are growing really fast!

Jenelle Evans - Fans Speculate She's Pregnant Again After Seeing Pic! -


Jenelle Evans sparked pregnancy rumors with a new picture in which it looks like she has a baby bump! Is the Teen Mom star really with child or not?

As fans know, a lot of her co-stars have welcomed babies in the last year or two, but is Jenelle joining that list? Some followers sure think so!

The mother of three posted a suspicious snap on her Instagram account earlier today and the way her top looked on her, made it seem like the fourth addition to the family was well on its way!

That being said, fans were quick to comment on the baggy shirt, one person writing: ‘Not trying to speculate anything but am I the only one who thinks that she might be pregnant? Or maybe she put on some winter weight?’

While a lot more followers were starting to believe she is indeed pregnant, Jenelle replied to one comment, explaining that her top was just really big on her and she is not expecting.

She also ruled out the possibility of having gained weight!

Meanwhile, some of the star’s most loyal fans decided to slam the users speculating Jenelle was with child just because she wore a baggy T-shirt.

A couple of people wrote: ‘Why does somebody always jump to saying someone’s pregnant? I thought it was rude to call anyone pregnant without knowing. Sorry that people always jump to that. / People can wear baggy clothes and not be pregnant. How about positive things like it’s great to see her and Barb going out together.’

The latter user was referring to the fact that in the snap, Jenelle and her estranged mother were posing together.

A lot more followers went on to assure Jenelle that she looked healthy and just beautiful and apologized in the name of those assuming.

Selena Gomez Excited To Return To The Music Industry In 2019 - She Has Many Songs Ready For Release! -


Selena Gomez has been through a lot both health-wise as well as emotionally, but a new report claims she is getting ready to have a big return to the music industry in 2019! This is some really great news for the fans that have been looking forward to hearing new songs from her.

One insider tells HollywoodLife that the singer is planning a comeback in the new year after she remained out of the spotlight for most of 2018.

Allegedly, she has a lot of new music, just sitting there, ready to be released.

That being said, ‘She’s waiting to be in a place she feels strong physically but also emotionally and mentally before releasing any more music or an entire album even. Selena knows that it will take energy to support a brand new album, and even a tour, and so she wants to wait until she finally feels 1000%.

‘She’s hoping that 2019 will be a huge year for her, to have a big comeback, also with more acting, more music and a return to social media as well. She loves and really misses her fans and cannot wait to get back to work,’ the source added.

It does seem like she is better and more willing to do public work since Selena also started a new campaign with Puma not too long ago.

This was Selena’s very first public project since her September hospitalization.

It’s not clear whether the commercial was shot before or after her health scare but either way, it was great to see the artist so happy and healthy again.

The new year will for sure be a new and much better beginning for Selena who seems ready to show what she’s got in 2019.

'Jersey Shore' Star Snooki Polizzi Was Concerned She Couldn't Get Pregnant Again Before Baby #3 -


Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi recently announced that she and Jionni Lavalle were expecting their third bundle of joy. However, the “Jersey Shore” star was worried at one point that she couldn’t get pregnant again.

The couple already have a beautiful son, Lorenzo, and daughter, Giovanna, but the two wanted to expand their family. Since she wanted the kids to be close in age, the mom wanted to start working on the next little blessing as soon as possible.

If you’re a fan of “Jersey Shore,” you’d know that in one of the latest episodes Snooki thought she was expecting for sure because she was extremely nauseous — something that doesn’t happen unless she’s pregnant.

Her best friend, Jenni “J-Woww” Farley, assisted her with taking a test that sadly came out negative. The episode was filmed months ago but aired for viewers just two weeks ago so it may have been surprising to some when she made the latest announcement.

The MTV personality took to her Youtube channel to document a sonogram appointment.

“I’m just super excited to get this going. Me and Jionni have been trying to have a baby since July and now it’s finally happened. I was getting a little worried because it wasn’t happening as soon as I wanted it to.”

She also explained why she waited four more years to start trying.

“I wanted to make that paper before I had another baby.”

She’s hoping for a boy (because they are easier) but would still be happy if it’s a girl. She’s looking forward to the distraction that the new baby will give her first two kids.

“They’ve been waiting. They’ve been asking for another baby. Hopefully it will calm them down because these two are always attacking each other and I just want to drink a bottle of wine. Now I can’t so hopefully this will settle them down and get excited.”

What sex do you think Snooki’s newest addition will be? “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation” airs Thursdays on MTV.

Michelle Obama's New Memoir "Becoming" Tops This Year's Best-Seller List -


According to new reports, Michelle Obama’s highly anticipated book, Becoming, is the hottest selling book released this year as reported by Penguin Random House, the publishing company.

Thus far, the memoir has sold approximately 2,000,000 copies, including all formats, and have been sold only in the United States and Canada. The numbers don’t even include international sales.

The publisher told the Huffington Post that the hardcover edition of the book would have 3.4 million copies in the United States as well as in the country to the north following six different printings.

On the 13th of November, Becoming was released and it sold a gargantuan 725,000 copies during the first day of print. Reportedly, the book follows Michelle’s journey in life from the South Side of Chicago, her career in law school, as well as her relationship with the former president, Barack.

More interestingly, the last part of the book covers her life in the White House after her husband became the president of the United States of America. No doubt, the following media reports in coming weeks will revolve around her comments on Trump, in which she referred to the birther scandal.

As it was previously reported, during the middle of Barack Obama’s administration, the conspiracy theories began that Mr. Obama was secretly a Kenyan Muslim, sent to become the president to destroy America.

Donald Trump was one of the most vocal proponents of the conspiracy theory, saying on more than one occasion that Mr. Obama may not have been a natural born citizen. When Barack finally produced a birth certificate, Trump continued doubting the legitimacy of it.

In response to the news of the book, Trump told journalists that Michelle would receive a significant sum for writing the book, and editors always ask for controversial material to sell as many copies of the memoir as possible.

Trump would know, as he wrote a book as well called The Art Of The Deal several years ago in which he described his life philosophy in both business and life. Since then, a few different publications have combed through every piece of literature he ever produced, looking to find some semblance of an ideology to foreshadow his actions while president.

Rihanna And Hassan Jameel Back Together - Here's Why They Can't Stay Away! -


Rihanna and Hassan Jameel are back together after they split not too long ago! It looks like the two just can’t stay away from one another. As fans know, the two were spotted during a romantic date a couple of days ago which led everyone to believe that they decided to rekindle their on again, off again romance.

Now, one insider shared with HollywoodLife why Rihanna and Hassan just can’t put a definite end to their love.

‘Rihanna likes Hassan a lot, so it was easy for her to hook up with him again a few times over the holidays. She even thought that she was in love with him before both of their busy schedules interfered with their relationship. Rihanna still sees him when she can, and when they do, the spark’s still there.’

The source went on to say that that they have some great chemistry together and the singer is unable to give that up at this point.

The news of their reunion was reportedly a huge disappointment for Chris Brown who was hoping he would get a chance with Riri.

The man was, says another source, ‘crushed’ to realize Rihanna was seeing her ex again.

He had really gotten his hopes up after they started to be in contact again.

The Daily Mail was the first outlet to report that Rihanna and Hassan spent some time together at her favorite restaurant for the first time in months.

One eyewitness told the publication that they were ‘surrounded by some bodyguards and they entered the restaurant’s private room through its back door, before spending 3 hours at dinner.’

But HollywoodLife’s insider claims that they are not serious again just yet and that for now, they are just ‘hooking up.’

Jay-Z May Be Taking Shots At Kanye West In New Song - Check It Out -


In Jay-Z’s latest track, the rapper appears to take shots at the fellow rapper, Kanye West, for his support of the president, Donald Trump, earlier in the year. On Meek Mill’s brand new track, “What’s Free,” Jay-Z supposedly went off on both the president of the United States as well as the College Dropout rapper.

Released on Thursday, featuring Meek Mill, Jay-Z, and Rick Ross, the new track is a spin-off of Notorious BIG’s 1997 classic, “What’s Beef,” posthumously released after his death in the same year.

In the track, Jay says, “No red hat, don’t Michael and Prince me and Ye,” before going on to suggest that “they separate” people who have Michael Jackson and Prince’s DNA.

Fans online have suggested that Jay-Z believes Trump is responsible for making him and Kanye not like each other anymore, similar to the way in which Michael Jackson and Prince feuded in the 1980s and the 1990s (although the Jackson-Prince feud was unrelated to Trump).

Moreover, others have stated that Jay-Z almost compared his own wife, Beyonce, to Kardashian. However, the line doesn’t quite finish the point. He says in the track, “my spou- (C’mon man). My route better, of course.”

On Twitter, Jay stated the line wasn’t about Kanye directly. It was about not separating him from his brothers in the scene. The rapper then asks for all of his fans to check out Meek’s new record on which Drake also performs.

As it was previously reported, Jay-Z and Kanye first started fighting back in 2016 when Yeezy publicly trashed both he and his wife during a concert. Then after, he left Tidal in 2017 over money problems, and later said he was hurt that Jay and Bey never went to his wedding.

However, not long after, in September, it appeared as though West and Jay had finally figured things out. Jay-Z said on David Letterman’s show that he and West were still friends, despite squabbling with each other every once in a while.

According to Jay, Kanye is like his little brother, and sometimes they feud and have a little falling out. Regardless, however, they’ll be friends until the end.

This Is The Kind Of Guy Nikki Bella Will End Up With -


Nikki Bella and John Cena had one of the most shocking breakups of 2018. Now the 35-year-old twin is on the hunt for a new man to fulfill her needs without having to be forced to.

The celebrity world is small and famous people tend to date other famous people because they assume that their significant other would be more understanding or relateable since they may be in a similar line of work. Between demanding schedules and industry invitations — the catalog of reasoning goes on why the A to C listers seem to only end up with each other.

This concept applies tenfold when it comes to WWE superstars. The list goes on for miles when you take a look at what WWE wrestler is has dated, is in a relationship with, or even married to another athlete in the brand.

That was the case with Nikki Bella and John Cena who met on the job.

A source exclusively tells Hollywood Life that the E! personality feels like she’s going to end up with someone famous: “She really can’t do the dating apps or do other normal relationship finding methods. so Nikki knows that the next person she dates will be from the environments she keeps herself in most of the time. She also feels that if it was a wrestler or a celeb they would get each other much easier with the schedules they have to keep.”

Since splitting from the actor, Nikki has been spotted canoodling with her ex-boyfriend, Dolph Ziggler, who admitted in earlier seasons of “Total Divas” that he regrets the way he treated her in the past and he’s willing to give her what she wants the most — a family.

She will also share a steamy scene with “The Bachelorette” alum, Peter Kraus in the new season of “Total Bellas.”

Who do you think Nikki should date next? Do you tend to date people in a similar line of work?

Lala Kent Dumps Producer After He Works With Scheana Marie -- 'Vanderpump Rules' Star Also Reveals What James Said To Randall Off Camera -


Lala Kent and James Kennedy seemed to be an unstoppable duo on “Vanderpump Rules” in past seasons. The latest installment found the former BFF’s at a crossroads when the DJ took an argument too far and insulted her now-fiance, Randall Emmett.

It wasn’t ‘about the pasta’ but the confrontation between James and Lala quickly became about disrespect when he called Kent’s boyfriend a ‘fat man that pays for her apartment.’

Although they made up on screen, the last straw came off-screen. Many of you will recall when the 28-year-old admitted that she and James did sleep together.

The ‘See You Next Tuesday’ host brought it up when he attended Coachella with the engaged couple.

“I feel like last year, James betrayed my trust. So for me, it’s like how could you stoop so low when I made sure that I was by the book – a good friend. At this point, my friendship with James is non-existent. When Rand and I were at Coachella, James has the audacity to say, ‘Come on, we all know each other inside and out if you know what I mean,’ and I just wanted to vomit. Rand was absolutely not okay with it. And it was time for me to say, you know what, you don’t even deserve my friendship anymore.”

She also opened up about choosing to no longer work with Sean2 Miles after learning the “Boy” producer was working with co-star Scheana Shay.

“After I heard that they were working together, I no longer work with Sean2. I just take it personally when anything I do is cheapened. So when stuff like that happens, it’s like, I can’t. Time to move on to the next, you know?”

Instead of focusing on her music, Kent has chosen to shift focus to her acting career and makeup line. What do you think of Lala’s revelations?

Scott Disick Reportedly Torn Between Sofia Richie And Kourtney Kardashian - He Has Feelings For Both! -


According to new reports, Scott Disick hasn’t been able to forget his baby mama Kourtney Kardashian! That’s not to say he’s not attracted to his current girlfriend, model Sofia Richie! Allegedly, the Lord is caught between these two women that he finds beautiful and just plain amazing!

One source tells HollywoodLife that Scott is very conflicted about these two great women in his life.

As you know, aside from being in a pretty serious relationship with the young model, Scott Disick also spends a lot of time with his baby mama, both because they both appear on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, but also because they co-parent their three kids.

Now an insider shares with the outlet that ‘Scott feels stuck in the middle between the incredible women, both of whom he really loves and feels a strong attraction to. On one side is his sweet, loving and devoted girlfriend Sofia. Scott feels like she helped him turn his life around, he  loves her and credits her with a lot of the happiness that he has today.’

They went on to claim that the man really wants to be there for Sofia all the time but ‘it is hard when he feels the pull from Kourtney and their family. Scott’s feelings for Kourtney are still deep in his heart, and it makes him feel good when she invites him around.’

Apparently, being stuck between two women that he loves is really challenging.

The source pointed out that there is still a lot of chemistry between him and Kourtney and that he hasn’t stopped loving her.

This became especially obvious to him during Thanksgiving when they celebrated together with the rest of the KarJenners.

As a result, the insider says that while he may be pretty devoted to Sofia for now, Scott thinks reuniting with Kourtney one day is not completely out of the question either.

New Paul Walker Docu-Series Coming Out - "Paul Walker: Behind Closed Doors" -


Fans of Paul Walker –  most known for his role in The Fast and The Furious franchise – will now get a brand new series of content revolving around his life. It’s called Paul Walker: Behind Closed Doors, and it’s a docu-series featuring interviews with family members, friends, and co-workers.

Following his death in 2013, Paul has become somewhat of a legend in Hollywood, similar to James Dean, who died back in the 1960s after just a couple of successful movies, including Rebel Without A Cause. 

Brent Lang from Variety, in a teaser for the new series, praised the actor’s natural charisma, good looks, “piercing blue eyes,” and sandy blonde hair.

The director of Fast and the Furious, Rob Cohen, said to Natalie Morales that just seeing him on camera was exciting; he was meant for Hollywood movies, “he just kind of popped,” she added.

Ever since Walker died, his infamy in Hollywood has only grown. In fact, in September of this year, fans of the late actor gathered in commemoration for him in California in a tribute party that subsequently went wrong.

During an event set up in the West Covina Plaza in California, fans of the actor stirred up problems with the mall security. Their Facebook page said that people there trashed a security car and attacked two guards.

The Walker fans were “disturbing the peace.” The party turned sour quickly, people were jumping on top of the mall cars and pushing personnel to the ground. One guard, in particular, pushed a civilian to the ground following a verbal spat.

This kind of behavior was unlike Paul. Director Rob Cohen and stars such as Tyrese Gibson have spoken nothing but praise of him since he passed away, explaining that he had a natural empathy and sympathy about him that made him so likable and charming to others.

However, in 2013, he was involved in a fatal car accident in which he burned alive in the wreckage. Driven by Roger Rodas, 38, the two men crashed the Porsche Carrera GT into a concrete lamp post and the car subsequently lit on fire.

Rodas died because of the physical trauma of the impact, whereas Paul died from a combination of the fire and the crash. His only daughter filed a suit against Porsche for wrongful death.

Wendy Williams Is On Tommy Lee's Side Amid Feud With Travis Scott -


The talk show host talked about the feud between Tommy Lee and Travis Scott that started with the rocker accusing the rapper of copying his Motley Crew stage design! That being said, while Wendy Williams made it very clear that she is on Tommy’s side, she also explained that he should not be upset and why.

As you know by now, Travis Scott was accused by Tommy Lee that he ripped off his set design and used it on his Astroworld Tour.

To be more precise, the legendary rocker claimed Kylie Jenner’s baby daddy copied two main ideas: riding a rollercoaster between two stages and rapping, as well as making a full 360 on the rollercoaster track.

Wendy Williams explained the whole thing on her show and told her audience that she stands by Tommy on this one.

‘I do side with Tommy Lee. Tommy’s an icon, and Travis Scott’s of that age when he might know Tommy Lee’s name, maybe he was smart to go research someone that this young generation Travis is entertaining, they do not know who Motley Crew is. So, [Travis’s] stealing an idea from an old white man who is doing something cool, my people will never know,’ Wendy told her studio audience.

But even though she was on his side, Williams still shaded Tommy for getting so upset about it and argued that nowadays, there aren’t any ‘original ideas’ anymore since pretty much everything has already been done.

‘Going back and taking from you, I understand the sincerest form of flattery’s copying someone and so forth, but, nobody is doing that anymore. People are stealing ideas all day,’ she went on to say.

Baby Heiress Reminds Tiny Harris Fans That She Has Her Dad T.I.'s Fighting Spirit With This Touching Video -


Baby Heiress does not play when it comes to her mother, Tiny Harris; she will even take on her older siblings to win her love.

T.I.’s wife shared a sweet video where 2-year-old Heiress has a fight with her big brother, King, 14, over who loves their mom more.

Heiress defended herself very well with cute and eloquent arguments.

However, when she discovered that King “was in mom’s tummy” before her, she broke down and cried.

Tiny captioned the adorable videos: “My lil baby @heiressdharris so territorial. Especially about her mother! She always fights @zonniquejailee & @the_next_king10 about lil ole me!! My Sunshine doesn’t play she can be the sweetest baby ever then a nasty dealer 2 seconds later thanks to @jazzybraidzatl keeps her braids on point.”

One fan told Tiny: “Omg she reminds me of my daughter. She is sooo sweet and very smart and articulate.”

Another commenter stated: “Omg!! she is the cutest she reminds me of my daughter who is 2 n she totally acts like heiress.”

The latest rumors claim that Heiress’ parents are back on their honey phase and cannot get enough of each other.

A source told Hollywood Life: “Tiny practically just got back from visiting T.I. on set in South Africa but she’s already started planning another trip back to Africa to see her husband. She knows T.I. is missing his kids a lot, he isn’t used to going this long without seeing them, and she wants to bring them all out there to surprise him. Popping up on him when he isn’t expecting her is a great way to check up on him but this isn’t about her being worried that he’s cheating, her motivation for this surprise is all about family. She knows Tip is missing the kids like crazy and she wants to fix that.”

The insider went on to explain: “He arranged it all for them, including a private chef and a crew. They watched the sunset and then had a five-course dinner and then they had a night of passion that made her feel like they were on their honeymoon.”

If the parents are happy, the children will continue to shine even brighter.

Baby Heiress Reminds Tiny Harris Fans That She Has Her Dad T.I.'s Fighting Spirit With This Touching Video -


Baby Heiress does not play when it comes to her mother, Tiny Harris; she will even take on her older siblings to win her love.

T.I.’s wife shared a sweet video where 2-year-old Heiress has a fight with her big brother, King, 14, over who loves their mom more.

Heiress defended herself very well with cute and eloquent arguments.

However, when she discovered that King “was in mom’s tummy” before her, she broke down and cried.

Tiny captioned the adorable videos: “My lil baby @heiressdharris so territorial. Especially about her mother! She always fights @zonniquejailee & @the_next_king10 about lil ole me!! My Sunshine doesn’t play she can be the sweetest baby ever then a nasty dealer 2 seconds later thanks to @jazzybraidzatl keeps her braids on point.”

One fan told Tiny: “Omg she reminds me of my daughter. She is sooo sweet and very smart and articulate.”

Another commenter stated: “Omg!! she is the cutest she reminds me of my daughter who is 2 n she totally acts like heiress.”

The latest rumors claim that Heiress’ parents are back on their honey phase and cannot get enough of each other.

A source told Hollywood Life: “Tiny practically just got back from visiting T.I. on set in South Africa but she’s already started planning another trip back to Africa to see her husband. She knows T.I. is missing his kids a lot, he isn’t used to going this long without seeing them, and she wants to bring them all out there to surprise him. Popping up on him when he isn’t expecting her is a great way to check up on him but this isn’t about her being worried that he’s cheating, her motivation for this surprise is all about family. She knows Tip is missing the kids like crazy and she wants to fix that.”

The insider went on to explain: “He arranged it all for them, including a private chef and a crew. They watched the sunset and then had a five-course dinner and then they had a night of passion that made her feel like they were on their honeymoon.”

If the parents are happy, the children will continue to shine even brighter.

Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie's Kids Grow Close To Their Manny As Their Parents Continue To Battle It Out In Court -


As Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie continue to struggle through their custody battle, their six children are spending a lot more time with their manny, Oliver Crane. The nasty divorce is taking a toll on the Jolie-Pitt crew – Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox, and Vivienne – and in their dad’s absence, the bond is growing between the kids and their caregiver.

Last week, cameras caught Crane taking Shiloh and Knox to a robotics class in Tarzana, and an insider says he is particularly close to those two.

“They’re really smart kids and love finding out how things work, which is right up Oliver’s alley,” reveals the insider. “He’s a bit of a geek at heart and loves teaching them new things. He not only accompanies them to cool things like robotics classes, but he’s also entrusted with driving them.”

While the family drama doesn’t seem to be coming to an end anytime soon, Jolie sees Crane as one of the few people she can trust and rely on.

Crane is only in his twenties, but the Jolie-Pitt kids love him, and he often takes care of them when Jolie is out of town. He is the son of one of Jolie’s longtime friends, stuntman Simon Crane, and he is one of the lucky few she allows inside her home after her split from Pitt.

Jolie and Pitt separated in September 2016, and they have been tangled in a vicious legal battle ever since.

Even though it has been well over two years since they decided to end their marriage, the two actors still need more time to work things out. Earlier this week, Jolie filed a stipulation to extend the appointment of the private judge who is overseeing their custody battle.

According to US Weekly, Judge John Ouderkirk is scheduled to remain on the case until June 30th, but Jolie has requested an extension until December 31, 2019. Documents from the Los Angeles County Superior Court say that Jolie wants Ouderkirk to oversee all pre-trial motions and requests, and she also wants him to preside over the private custody trial, if necessary.

Jolie and Pitt were together for twelve years – and married for two – when they split. And, Angelina Jolie wants full custody of the kids, while Brad Pitt is requesting joint custody.

Tim Commerford's Wife Files For Divorce After 17 Years Together -


Bassist from Rage Against The Machine, Tim Commerford, and his wife have officially called it off after approximately 17 years of marriage. In papers obtained by People Magazine, first reported by The Blast, Aleece Dimas filed documents in a court of law on the 28th of November in a Los Angeles County court.

In a statement to People, the legendary bassist wrote that he was saddened to announce he and Aleece had decided to split up. According to Tim, he and his wife thought about it for a long time, but ultimately decided it would be best for the both of them to just split.

He thanked his friends and family for supporting them during their challenges and changes over the years. Commerford and Aleece first got married in 2001, and the 50-year-old and his wife shared a home in Malibu, California, along with their children, Xavier and Quentin.

Reportedly, his soon-to-be-ex-wife is going for the jugular as well, so to speak, because she wants both physical custody of their kids as well as spousal support from Tim.

It isn’t known precisely as to when they called it off for good, however, they filed the court documents on Wednesday, and wrote in them that their official date of separation was the day before.

Either way, it’s a sad day for Tim and his soon-to-be-ex-wife. Unfortunately, splitting up after having children together is quite common in North America reports Fortune Magazine.

According to the business outlet, the relationship between two partners typically declines once children are introduced into the mix. Studies show that both parties’ sense of happiness and satisfaction deteriorates as time goes by, despite the common cultural myth that introducing a baby into the relationship will bring them closer together.

The publication explains in their report, that couples begin a transactional and professional relationship, where each conversation is about the children and is more business-like than romantic. Over time, the spark is lost, and two lovers are now just parents. They stop doing all those little things for each other, and things soon turn sour.

Rita Ora And Andrew Garfield Dating? - Details! -


Rumor has it that Rita Ora has found love with none other than actor Andrew Garfield and she has been telling her close ones that he is the one! Is Andrew ‘the real deal?’

As fans know, the singer just ended a relationship with producer Andrew Watt back in September, and she’s reportedly moved on with another Andrew!

One source told The Sun that ‘Rita let slip to friends about her brewing romance [with Andrew Garfield] about a month ago. But in recent days things started to heat up more, and she says that what they have is the real deal.’

They went on to explain that their romance is still fresh which means that they are still waiting to see where it goes, but one thing is certain – they both really like each other!

While Rita and Andrew are really busy people, the ‘real connection’ they have is enough for the stars to try and make it work.

As for proof for their alleged romance, Andrew and Rita did attend the Evening Standard Theatre Awards, but they went there separately!

Were they trying to avoid the paparazzi or is nothing really there? Only time will tell!

Rita also revealed to Official Vodafone Big Top 40 how a man could win her heart, saying: ‘Dates freak me out. I just get crazy anxiety. I do not want any pressure. I would rather have a little drink.’

Considering that she has dated people like blink-182 drummer Travis Barker, Rob Kardashian and Calvin Harris in the past – all involved in drama – perhaps her and Andrew’s full schedules have helped them avoid it completely.

After all, they probably only have time for ‘a little drink’ from time to time anyway! It’s perfect!

Jason Momoa, Miley Cyrus, Claire Foy, And Matt Damon Coming to 'SNL' -


NBC is gearing up for the holidays and they’re airing three, brand new episodes of Saturday Night Live (SNL) with Jason Momoa and Claire Foy making their hosting debut. Also joining in the three new episodes will be Anderson .Paak, Mumford & Sons, Matt Damon, Mark Ronson, and Miley Cyrus.

The British actress Claire Foy will make her hosting debut accompanied by Anderson .Paak as the musical guest who also makes his first debut on the show December 1, 2018.

Foy drew critical acclaim for her performance as Queen Elizabeth in the series The Crown that returns for its third season in 2019. She may currently be seen in The Girl In The Spider’s Web.

Anderson .Paak released his third album Oxnard in October to rave reviews.

Following the December 1, 2018, episode with Claire Foy and Anderson .Paak will be the Dec. 8, episode with Jason Momoa and Mumford & Sons.

Jason Momoa will make his first appearance hosting SNL and fans are going crazy with anticipation. One look on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter and it’s easy to predict this episode is going to get good ratings.

Momoa stars in the upcoming DC/Warner Brothers movie Aquaman set for release on December 21, 2018.

Joining Momoa will be Mumford & Sons, who are making their third appearance on the late-night skit show. Mumford & Sons just released the album Delta that entered the Billboard charts at number one.

The episode airing on Dec. 15, 2018, also looks as if it will draw high ratings. Academy-award winning actor Matt Damon will host for the second time.

Damon has been very busy with his role as a producer and has multiple scripts in various stages of development. He portrayed Brett Kavanaugh on SNL earlier this year to praise from Liberals and criticism from many Conservatives.

Joining Matt Damon will be Miley Cyrus and Mark Ronson as musical guest. Miley and Mark have been trending in the media lately for their new song “Nothing Breaks Like A Heart.”

In less than 24 hours, the official video drew three million views and became the number two top trending video on YouTube. It’s expected to hit number one for the weekend.

As fans will want to hear Miley and Mark perform the song, it’s expected that SNL is going to close out 2018 on a high note.

What do you think of the guests coming to Saturday Night Live? Are you looking forward to the upcoming shows with Claire Foy, Jason Momoa, Miley Cyrus, and Matt Damon? Are you looking forward to Mumford & Sons’, Miley and Mark’s and Anderson .Paak’s musical performances?

Selena Gomez's Fans Are Hoping That She Finds A New Love After Her September Hospitalization -


Selena Gomez recently opened up about the image that she has of herself, and she addressed some of her biggest insecurities.

She did this during a new interview for Elle, and she said she’s just like everyone else and feels insecure about her body ‘all the time.’

This is why what happened comes at the perfect moment. Noah Centineo just gushed over Selena Gomez and fans are confident that the actor has a thing for her. Here’s what went down.

He commented below a photo of her on Instagram on November 30. ‘Bahhhhh she’s gorgeous,’ he wrote under the black & white picture of the star.

Back in September, he was asked about his celebrity crushes during an interview, and he brought up Sel back then as well.

‘Selena Gomez seems like one of the coolest people ever,’ he said during a chat with Seventeen magazine.

But he did not stop there, and he continued to say this: ‘And clearly she loves to love and is a loving person. I don’t know if it’s clear because I don’t know her, but it feels that way.’

fans were obviously hyped with all this, and lots of people seemed to be rooting for these two to become the newest couple in the industry. We’ll have to wait and see whether this happens or not.

As you all know, she was hospitalized in September, and the online publication Hollywood Life found out what she’s been doing lately.

A source spilled the tea for the magazine and here’s what they said:

‘Selena is sitting on a ton of new, unreleased music.’

The same insider continued and explained that ‘She is waiting to be in a place where she feels strong enough physically, emotionally and mentally before she releases any more music or a whole album. Selena knows it will take a lot of energy to support a new album, and even possibly a tour, so she wants to wait until she feels 1000% before sharing more music with her fans.’

We really hope that Sel finds her better half no matter who he is.

Kid Rock Slams Joy Behar - Calls Her The "B-Word" While On Fox And Friends -


Kid Rock has become somewhat of a controversial figure in recent years, but not due to his style of music; mostly for his political opinions and affiliations. On Friday, Kid Rock went on Fox News and said in front of viewers at home, “…except that Joy Behar b*tch.”

In response, Joy and the other co-hosts of The View invited the 90’s and early 2000’s rock star to come on to the show for a beer together. Joy joked that he should come on to join “this b*tch and these b*tches” for a drink.

Previously, Kid Rock was on Fox and Friends where he complained about everyone being so “politically correct these days.” The rock star called for people to be a little more thick-skinned in the face of adversity.

While joking around about being “hopped up on coffee and Baileys,” Kid Rock made his comment about Joy Behar. The legendary musician called for all Americans to come together, except for Joy Baher.

Regardless, the crowd appeared to love what Kid Rock said, cheering him on from the audience. The host, Doocy, immediately went into damage control mode and tried to get Kid to apologize.

Later on, the “American Bada*s” singer said that he was “only joking,” and that he’d be open to sitting down later and working out their differences. According to Kid Rock, one of the main reasons for saying what he said was to “bring the country together.”

The star said, “we’re all Americans.” Kid Rock has actually come out as an ardent Trump supporter and even appeared in the White House for a meet-and-greet.

Interestingly, Kid Rock got his start in the music scene as a rapper back in 1990 with his debut album, Grit Sandwiches For Breakfast. He quickly became one of the biggest acts in the Detroit rap scene, shipping around 100,000 copies.

He first started collaborating with the producer, Mike E. Clark, who was doubtful that a white man could rap. This was back in the 1990s, several years before Eminem released his first record, Infinite.

Some in the rap community have looked retrospectively at Kid Rock as a mistake, due to the fact he rose to prominence as a rapper, a genre dominated by black people, only to become a Republican later in life and associated with Donald Trump whose political views are interpreted as hostile to minorities.

Briana DeJesus Addresses The Speculations That She’s Pregnant -


Rumors have been going around that Briana DeJesus is expecting another baby but according to the Teen Mom star, that is not the case at all! The star may have a new man in her life but that does not mean she is ready to have a new child as well!

As fans know, the 24 year old is a mother of two already and it sounds like that is a good number for now!

That being said, the woman decided to put the speculations that she has a new bundle of joy on its way to rest.

Briana took to her Instagram account to address the rumors in a pretty interesting way.

The Teen Mom star shared an ad promoting a tea pregnant women should not drink.

‘Been keeping up with my flattummyco meal replacement plan and starting to see real tummy progress. Check it out asap,’ she wrote, causing a cofused follower to comment: ‘I thought that she was with child.’

Her response was simple and straight to the point: ‘I am not pregnant!’

The pregnancy rumors have been going around for months so it is great to finally get a clear answer from Briana.

In October, one fan commented that she would get ‘knocked up’ upon making her new relationship Instagram official.

‘I will make sure to send you the first invite to our baby shower,’ Briana wrote sarcastically, slamming the user who jumped to conclusions.

While she was clearly not serious, a lot of followers still wondered whether or not she would end up adding to the family after starting the new relationship.

As you know, Briana DeJesus already has two adorable daughters – 7 year old Nova Star and 1 year old Stella Star!