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Kim Kardashian confessed her love to Pete Davidson in an unusual way -


Kim Kardashian confessed her love to Pete Davidson in an unusual way. Perhaps this is how the star hints at their engagement.

Now the star couple, 41-year-old Kim Kardashian and 28-year-old Pete Davidson, are separated by continents: the reality TV star is in Italy, where her older sister Kourtney Kardashian played her third wedding with Travis Barker last weekend, and the comedian stayed in America to film the latest episode of Saturday Night Live (SNL). But Kim found a way to make sure that her lover was always with her.

Before a trip to Europe, Kardashian posted on her account a photo of a fresh manicure with a bright neon pink coating on the ring finger of her right hand; the letter “P” was laid out from rhinestones – the first letter of her boyfriend’s name. In fact, this is not a typical coating option for a star since she usually walks with short nails without varnish. Although Kim only left a smiley face in the form of a manicure under the picture, the star’s followers immediately regarded this gesture as a declaration of love.

And some even thought that in this way, Kim hints at her and Pete’s engagement. So far, the couple and its representatives have not commented on this information.

By the way, at the wedding of Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker, Kim appeared with a different manicure. Her nails were cut short and covered in soft pink polish. But fans continue to think that Kim and Pete’s relationship has reached a new level.

Spectacular images of the Kardashian-Jenner clan at the Italian wedding of Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker -


Spectacular images of the Kardashian-Jenner clan at the Italian wedding of Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker

On May 22, a magnificent open-air wedding ceremony took place in Portofino.

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker, who officially got married last week in Santa Barbara, arrived in Italy with their families for another wedding celebration. The bride looked gorgeous in a white D&G Alta Moda mini dress. It was made from lace and a satin corset inspired by 1960s Italian underwear. The long veil was hand-embroidered with an image of the Virgin Mary, which mimics the tattoo on the head of Travis Barker, as well as numerous floral designs. Kourtney Kardashian completed the outfit with a pair of translucent tulle gloves and lace pumps. The groom, contrary to tradition, abandoned outrageous outfits and appeared in a classic dark tuxedo.

Keeping up with the bride, 41-year-old Kim Kardashian looked no less spectacular in a black lace dress paired with a gold jeweled cross. For an elegant look, the businesswoman chose to remove her platinum curls upstairs.

Walking Kourtney down the aisle, Kris Jenner wore a stunning 2021 D&G Alta Moda pale pink gown with feathered, flared sleeves that cascaded down and shimmery sequins for a stunning silhouette.

Kendall Jenner looked dainty in a vintage outfit from the Maison’s Fall/Winter 1998 collection. The beige silk dress was embellished with floral appliqué and fluttering butterflies. The model’s chestnut curls were styled up in a high hairstyle; the image was also complemented by long arrows and a beige lip liner, creating an ombre effect.

Kylie Jenner chose a silvery floral dress with thin black straps. The make-up was in perfect harmony with the star’s outfit; plum shadows and dark brown matte lipstick were combined with shades of flowers on the dress. White flower drop earrings with round gold bases completed the striking look.

Sarah Jessica Parker explains why she never talks about her marriage to Matthew Broderick -


Sarah Jessica Parker explains why she never talks about her marriage to Matthew Broderick. Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick met in 1991, shortly after she split from Robert Downey Jr. The Parker brothers, Pippin and Toby, founded the Naked Angels theater company, and Broderick took part in their work. The couple started dating a few months later. In 1996, Parker and Broderick starred together in How to Succeed in Business Without many efforts, their first acting project together, and married the following year. They had a son, James Wilkie Broderick, in 2002 and, seven years later, twin daughters Tabitha Hodge Broderick and Marion Loretta Elwell Broderick.

How does a star couple manage to live in love and harmony for such a long time? Sarah says that she and Matthew are “just trying to be respectful of each other.” In addition, both of them carefully guard their personal lives and do not discuss marriage with journalists. But recently, both of them unexpectedly agreed to talk to The Hollywood Reporter, the reason being the Plaza Suite, a Broadway production in which Parker and Broderick are back together after many years, when Parker was asked if she or her husband were worried that working together would cause people to ask questions about their personal life.

Parker and Broderick have been married for 25 years, and many people see their romance as proof that even celebrity relationships can last a very long time. Now that they’re playing together again on Broadway, the actors joke that the old scheme for a happy marriage needs to be revisited.

Tilda Swinton, Sharon Stone, and other stars with the most beautiful anti-aging makeup and styling on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival -


Tilda Swinton, Sharon Stone, and other stars with the most beautiful anti-aging makeup and styling on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival. These celebrities proved by their own example that bright lipstick, eyeliner, and Malvinka hairstyle can look appropriate on those who are 45+.

Over the past five days of the 75th Cannes Film Festival, many celebrities have appeared on its red carpet in incredibly beautiful outfits and jewelry, whose images were complemented by makeup and styling created by professional stylists and makeup artists. We have prepared a small digest of the most luxurious beauty images of stars who have already crossed the 45-year mark, but at the same time, each of their appearances causes a storm of delight. See for yourself!

Tilda has a rather non-standard beauty, but she attracts by her originality. In addition, few stars, even young ones, are ready to shave their whiskey and make a mohawk, not for a role, but to walk like that in life. Swinton always manages to accentuate her Nordic beauty in a very elegant way with minimal make-up and an emphasis on bright lips. This time she chose red lipstick, which fits perfectly into her laconic look.

Eva has very expressive eyes, which she always emphasizes in her make-up, and the red carpet of one of the days of the Cannes Film Festival was no exception. Makeup in brown tones perfectly harmonized with Longoria’s light tan, and her hair was collected in “Malvinka.” It would seem that such styling suits younger girls, but Eva destroys these conventions, proving that the main thing is to be able to “cook these dishes” correctly.

Rihanna is going to move to Barbados to raise her son at home -


Rihanna is going to move to Barbados to raise her son at home. The boyfriend and father of the child of the pop diva are ready to follow his beloved. According to close acquaintances of Rihanna and rapper A$AP Rocky, the singer plans to raise her newborn son in her native country – Barbados.

Insiders told The Mirror that the 34-year-old singer will stay in Los Angeles for the next three months and then move to the Caribbean with her boyfriend so that their baby “calmly grows up away from the world of show business and the ubiquitous paparazzi.”

The publication reports that Rihanna has already decided which school her son will go to in a few years. However, it is not yet possible to ask the singer questions directly from journalists because the newly-made mother ignores the appeals of the press and hides the name of the child who was born on May 13.

Recall that the information that the 34-year-old singer and the 33-year-old rapper will become parents appeared at the beginning of the year when People shared exclusive footage of the lovers. According to TMZ, the couple’s first child was born on May 13 in Los Angeles. His name is still kept secret. Despite the last trimester of pregnancy, the Barbadian singer continued to actively go out, demonstrating to the whole world how, in her opinion, a girl in position should dress. The last time she was seen in public, on May 9, she disappeared from the paparazzi’s radar. The mother-to-be even went shopping for girls’ baby clothes to cover the tracks, sparking rumors that she and A$AP Rocky were expecting a baby girl.

Jordyn Woods Pays A Visit At The White House -


Jordyn Woods went to the White House and fans cannot be prouder of her. Check out the pics that The Shade Room shared below.

Someone said: ‘That baby doing thangs and meeting people,’ and a commenter posted this: ‘Oh Kamala was there? Thought she’d still be in hiding.’

A fan said: ‘They just be inviting everyone to that raggedy house,’ and one other follower posted this: ‘its the fact yall letting these politicians play in yall face like they really changed anything ?’

One other follower said: ‘Signing documents without actual execution of the said plan is utterly ridiculous! Not impressed,’ and a fan posted this: ‘I would like to know..why did she get invited to the White House?’

Someone else said: ‘Kamala outside now. Haven’t seen her since she was sworn in.’

Jordyn Woods looks amazing in a Fashion Nova dress and she managed to impress a lot of fans and followers. Check out the post that she shared on her social media account below.

‘Jordyn Woods bodied this @FashionNova look! Head to @FashionNova & search “Statement Moment Velvet Midi Dress” #FashionNovaPartner.’

Jordyn Woods is addressing new guilty pleasure in a new video. Check out the funny addiction that she is talking about.

‘make my matcha latte with me. I have an addiction to matcha and I had to stop going to Starbucks every day I learned to make it at home and I love it because I get to know exactly what goes in it, including how much sugar. I’ve been learning so much more about my body and nutrition and learning to make some of the things you love at home can be a big game changer! Are you team matcha or coffee? Let me know in the comments,’ she wrote.

Queen Elizabeth II, in a hot pink coat dress, attended the Chelsea Flower Show on an eco-friendly golf cart -


Queen Elizabeth II, in a hot pink coat dress, attended the Chelsea Flower Show on an eco-friendly golf cart

Last Monday, Elizabeth II visited the flower show, which was held in Chelsea. The monarch came out in a bright pink dress-coat – to match the event because the Queen looked like a real English rose.

It is worth noting that the exhibition was held using new technologies that helped hide Her Majesty’s problem with movement. The fact is that the Queen, together with the organizers of the exhibition, arrived at the event directly on a golf cart, in other words, a trolley that runs on solar batteries, which is a very environmentally friendly and safe way to power the equipment.

” Adjustments have been made for the comfort of the Queen, ” a Buckingham Palace spokesman warned. It is worth noting that the monarch was accompanied by Princess Beatrice, along with her husband Edoardo Mapelli-Mozzi, as well as Prince Edward and Countess Sophie of Wessex. Also present at the event were the Dukes of Kent and Gloucester, Prince Michael of Kent, and Princess Alexandra. By the way, this exhibition, however, like other high-profile celebrations, was timed to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the Queen on the British throne – her Platinum Jubilee.

Surprisingly, the main achievement of the exhibition was the steel frame, shaped like the outline of the Queen’s portrait, which is used on British stamps. By the way, the frame is complemented by 70 terracotta plant pots. The pride of the event, of course, was the Garden of the Royal Air Force Charitable Foundation. It is worth noting that the organization honors and supports British veterans (as well as their families) who fought in World War II for over a hundred years. The garden of the Mind charity foundation, which deals with people’s mental health, is amazed by its beauty. In this garden, everyone can easily find an interlocutor and discuss the advantages of Eco-therapy.