Thursday, August 6, 2020

Megan Thee Stallion Says She And Beyonce Have Become Good Friends -


According to Megan Thee Stallion, she and Beyonce are talking to each other a lot these days. Megan took a few weeks off from her busy career after she was reportedly shot in the foot by Tory Lanez, however, she appears to be back on top already.

As it was previously reported, Tory Lanez allegedly fired a gun off and the bullets ricocheted and hit Megan in the foot. She had to get surgery after being rushed to the hospital. Megan stayed quiet for a number of weeks, however, she did take to her IG Stories to touch on what happened.

Tomorrow, the star has a brand new single coming out with her fellow rapper, Cardi B, and earlier in the day today, she announced she would be the new face of the company, Revlon. Megan also appeared on Variety’s latest issue.

During her interview with the publication, Megan addressed her newfound relationship with Beyonce. Following the success of her single, “Savage,” Beyonce hopped on board and the remix was born. Since then, she and Beyonce have been great friends.

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Happy 2020 🤘🏽 @beyonce

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Megan says that after just a few moments of talking to her, she already felt as if she and Beyonce had been friends for years. The superstar claims Beyonce treats her like she’s a member of the family, and they “talk all the time.”

In recent news, Beyonce came out to support Megan Thee Stallion by sending her a “get well soon” card as well as a bouquet of flowers. Regarding the shooting, no one is really sure what happened between Megan Thee Stallion and Tory.

However, not long after the reports came out, both Adam22 and DJ Akademiks claimed they got into a fight over Kylie Jenner, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star.

Moreover, DJ Akademiks was the one to come out and say that Tory had fired a gun off after Megan taunted him, screaming, “are you a real n*gga?” The bullets bounced around the room and wound up hitting Megan right in her feet.

Cardi B Has A Piece Of Advice For Up And Coming Female Artists -


Cardi B is getting ready to drop a brand new song tomorrow called “WAP,” and in a new interview, she extolled words of wisdom for the emerging female artists out there. Hot New Hip Hop picked up on the rapper’s comments this week in which she gave a piece of advice for other ambitious women.

As it was previously reported, Cardi B dropped the massive commercial and critical success, Invasion of Privacy, in 2018. Fans have been eagerly awaiting to see what the rapper has to offer with her next record because her last effort was so good. In fact, Invasion of Privacy went on to win the Best Rap Album.

During her chat with the host of Beats 1, Cardi took a pause to discuss the importance of stylistic diversity when it comes to women in the music industry. Put simply, Cardi said to the host that it was important for there to be other female artists for women to relate to.

Cardi B explained how many women probably relate to her because she’s a dancer and she worked in the streets. However, there needs to be other women with a different vibe, for instance, maybe a girl who used to be a schoolgirl.

Cardi explained, “so I feel like there should be variety.” Fans of Cardi B love the rapper for her off-the-cuff communication style and apparent lack of a filter.

Part of her appeal is the fact she caters to no one and her authenticity is unparalleled. For instance, earlier this year, the rapper took to her IG to show off a waxing she had done.

Cardi was also in the headlines when it was reported that she had to go to the hospital amid the coronavirus pandemic. The rapper later came out to say she didn’t catch the coronavirus, she had to visit the ER for other reasons.

The Invasion of Privacy star also donated thousands of vegan meal replacement drinks to hospitals in her area.

Cameron Diaz Says She Couldn't Be Happier About Quitting Acting -


Cameron Diaz stopped acting approximately five years ago and she couldn’t be any more pleased with herself. During her appearence on In Goop Health: The Sessions, with Gwyneth Paltrow, the actress explained how her step away from the business was ultimately for the better.

The 47-year-old, Diaz, claimed a lot of people wouldn’t understand, but for her, it was just “so intense to work at that level.” To continuously be in the public eye was simply too much. Diaz says there is a lot of energy coming at a person when one has achieved that level of fame.

Paltrow asked her how it felt to walk away from her career at its height and Diaz said there was a sense of inner peace. Diaz went on to say that she felt as if she was finally taking care of herself. The first time she appeared on the movie screen was back in 1994’s The Mask alongside Jim Carrey.

According to Diaz, she worked so hard and for so long making movies, and it was a real challenge. She never made any time for her personal life. However, in 2015, Diaz got hitched to the Good Charlotte member, Benji Madden, and this year, she and Benji had their first baby, Raddix.

Diaz says since then, she has chosen to stop making films and worry instead about her family as well as her personal relationships. She says the moment she met Benji, she and the rocker got married almost right away.

Despite her departure from the film industry, she has worked in other areas. This summer, Diaz dropped a wine brand called Avaline. Fans of Cameron know her absence from the spotlight has been a point of discussion on social media and in the media headlines. It seemed like Cameron was on top of the world when she chose to retire.

Cameron tried to keep the details under wraps, however, in one interview, Selma Blair explained that the actress wasn’t going to work anymore. Blair later apologized and recanted her statement, claiming she didn’t know what Cameron intended on doing.

Rumor has it that Selma wasn’t supposed to announce Cameron’s retirement.

Kandi Burruss Makes Fans' Day With This Video Featuring Blaze Tucker And Ace -


Kandi Burruss shared a video featuring her two kids, Ace Wells Tucker and Blaze Tucker that will definitely make her fans’ day. Just check it out below.

‘My babies @blazetucker & @acetucker want to know Who’s Next?!’ Kandi captioned her post.

Someone said that ‘Ace looks just like Riley to me. You have beautiful children,’ and another follower said: ‘Kandi girl Blaze is going to be running all over the place 💗💗💗 Yall better get ready lol.’

A commenter posted this: ‘She will run as soon as she got strength. Hope you ready!’ and one other follower said: ‘Ace will be 17 tomorrow the way time is flying. Smh lol.’

Someone else posted this: ‘Look at little 👸QUEEN..having and ball with big brother the 👑…🌹🌹’ and another follower said: ‘Love it!! Kandi, I love you on ATL Housewives!! You just keep it!’

A commenter posted this: ‘Gorgeous omg why’d I watch now here come baby fever,’ and someone else said: ‘Let me exit from this cuteness.😍 I dont want to get any funny ideas about getting pregnant again.’

Someone else posted: ‘Aww bless them both but blaze got that move under,’ and a commenter wrote this: ‘Those little legs were going on @blazetucker 🤣 too cute and of course @acetucker had to bring to home for little sister. @kandi they’re so adorable.’

Another follower said: ‘@blazetucker trying to get out of the way for another brother or sister?! @kandi (They are adorable!)’

Kandi and the whole family have been celebrating Todd Tucker‘s birthday these days and Kandi made sure to keep fans updated by posting all kinds of pics and videos from the party on her IG account.

Kandi shared a video on her social media account in which her two kids are featured. Ace Wells Tucker and Blaze Tucker and the sweetest in the clip that she shared.

Jennifer Garner And Her New Man John Miller Have Broken Up -


Jennifer Garner and her man, John Miller have officially split Page Six has learned. The outlet says the Elektra alum and the Cali Group chairman are not an item anymore, via a source who spoke with the In Touch Weekly this Thursday.

The same insider who spoke with In Touch Weekly claimed Jen and John broke up just before Los Angeles went into quarantine. Even though they’ve split, the source added, the former couple is on great terms and it’s possible they could get back together in the future.

An insider who spoke with Page Six back in October 2018 claimed the actress was “casually dating” the 42-year-old CEO. Around that time, it was reported that Garner and Affleck had officially concluded their divorce proceedings. It took three years.

Ben and Jen now have three children together, including Samuel, Seraphina, and Violet. Miller, on the other hand, was married to Caroline Cambell until their divorce in November 2018. They tied the knot 15 years ago.

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I call my mom every time I make cornbread—even though I’ve written the recipe in every notebook, even though I am sure I could toss it together in my sleep. Maybe watching this will show you why, perhaps, I just like to call my mom. ♥️ This cornbread takes no time at all, is incredibly forgiving, and is an every other day staple at my house: perfect to fill in a dinner, perfect for a snack, perfect for breakfast. Plus, it tastes like home. I hope you love it as much as I do. ♥️ . Grandmom’s Cornbread, by Patricia English Garner Ingredients: 2 Tbsp oil 3/4 cup cornmeal 1/4 cup flour 1 rounded tsp baking powder 1/4 rounded tsp baking soda 1 Tbsp sugar 1/2 tsp salt 1 egg 1 cup buttermilk . Directions: 1. Set oven to 450 degrees. Pour oil into a heavy skillet and put that in the oven. 2. Mix cornmeal, flour, baking powder, baking soda, sugar and salt in a bowl. 3. Add egg to the mixture and enough buttermilk until the batter is thinner than pancake batter. 4. VERY carefully take the skillet out of the oven and pour oil into batter. 5. Mix the batter and pour it into the hot skillet. 6. Return to the oven and bake. Watch carefully after 10 minutes, until brown. 7. Mom says eat with butter. 8. Yum.

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Earlier this year, Jennifer was in the headlines for her conversation with Dr. Jill Biden. They spoke about the importance of voting in the 2020 presidential election. Biden and Garner met up for the Moms for Biden event, and Garner explained why it was more important to vote now than ever.

She says this year is more important than any other year because of what has happened in the United States and around the world, including the coronavirus pandemic as well as the Black Lives Matter protests throughout the Western hemisphere.

Garner said to Biden that there are a lot of people saying 2020 is the most important election of “our lifetime,” and she wholeheartedly agrees. It’s clear Garner has Biden’s back. She said “hope” isn’t enough; Biden must win.

According to the actress, there definitely is a danger to letting children go back to school amid the spread of the coronavirus. “Distance learning has highlighted a digital divide and internet access issues,” the actress remarked. Garner went on to say the problem was “local.” Biden faces off against Trump this year.

Ammika Harris' Latest Photo Of Aeko Has Fans Saying He's The Most Beautiful Son - Chris Brown Must Be The Proudest Dad -


Ammika Harris shared a gorgeous photo of her and Chris Brown‘s baby boy Aeko that has fans praising him in the comments. Check out the cutie pie – he’s definitely a smaller version of Chris!

‘Ok! The picture speaks for itself 😳 GOD SENT HIM ON PURPOSE! ❤️’ Ammika captioned the photo that got praised by fans.

Someone said: ‘he has his daddy’s face,’ and another follower posted this message: ‘lol his little fist is always balled up. so handsome.’

One commenter said: ‘The cutest baby ever. God bless him 🤍’ and someone else wrote: ‘He’s growing so fast and every day he becomes cuter.’

Someone else praised Aeko and said: ‘You have the most beautiful son – ever,’ and a follower posted this message: ‘My god he looks like his dad…hey cutie❤😍 He’s so cute. I know you are in Love.’

Another fan wrote: ‘Lord😍. How can one human be so perfect,’ and one other follower said: ‘His daddy’s face 😱😍 I love you so much.’

One Instagrammer posted this: ‘Yo, he is a beautiful child😩 perfect combo of you and CB,’ and a fan wrote this message: ‘Ok Aeko looking snazzy today! God really did send him on purpose. He literally makes your face expressions.’

Someone else said: ‘He’s perfect and seeing his pictures always brightens my day,’ and one other follower posted: ‘You’re making me want to procreate and that’s rare 😂 lol he’s perfection.’

The other day, Chris Brown just made some of his fans’ day by sharing a photo featuring his and Ammika Harris’ baby boy Aeko.

In other news, Ammika Harris shared a photo on her social media account in which she is twinning with her and Chris Brown‘s baby boy, Aeko. You should definitely check out the gorgeous photo.

Ammika and Chris are not together at the moment and some rumors are claiming that they broke up, but nothing has been confirmed.

Music Producer Detail Slapped With 15 Counts Of Sexual Assault Charges -


A music producer who goes by the name, Detail – a Grammy Award winner as well – has been charged with sexual assault and felony assault, Page Six has learned.

Earlier today, the outlet claimed the producer, who has worked with big names such as Lil’ Wayne and Beyoncé, is facing 15 counts of sexual assault and five counts of felony assault between the period of 2010 and 2018.

This Wednesday, the 41-year-old producer was detained by the authorities on the aforementioned charges, the Los Angeles County Sherrif’s Department confirmed. The case was submitted to the DA’s Office in January.

Reportedly, Noel Christopher Fisher won a Grammy Award back in 2015 for his work with Beyoncé and Jay-Z on “Drunk in Love,” which was one of the couple’s biggest hits. He was arrested on the 31st of July, this year.

Now, he sits in jail with a $6,290,000 bail over his head. The authorities say they believe there will be more women who come out with their own stories due to the nature of the crimes.

Irwin Mark Bledstein, Fisher’s lawyer, said on Wednesday that he hasn’t spoken with his client since he was taken into the station, however, he’s certain Fisher will plead not guilty to the charges. Bledstein confirmed their intentions in an email to the Associated Press.

Last September, the Associated Press says a model filed a lawsuit against him for rape and abuse, and she was given $15 million by a LA Superior Court judge. In separate lawsuits, women accused him of being sexually aggressive toward his assistants.

One model accused the music producer of demanding her to pose for videos and photos, in addition to forcibly holding her without her consent while he masturbated. Fisher has vehemently denied the charges against him in past lawsuits.

Fisher isn’t the only entertainment industry figure to face off against sexual assault charges. Ron Jeremy, the adult film legend, is up against rape charges. Solo 45, a rapper, was also sentenced to over two decades in jail for torturing and sexually assaulting women.